Choreography: Sam Young-Wright

Performance: Anne Jung

Music: Part III, Keith Jarrett, The Carnegie Hall Concert (2006)


> Carnegie Solo is a response to the solo concert of acclaimed American pianist Keith Jarrett. It took place on September 26, 2005 at the Isaac Stern Auditorium in New York's Carnegie Hall. Inspired by Jarrett's spontaneous, imaginative solo improvisations, Carnegie Solo explores a series of juxtaposed physical states, presenting a glimpse into the human psyche, offering a broader understanding of the individual.


Sam Young-Wright - choreographer

Born in Canberra, Australia; Sam received his degree from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAPPA) and Sydney Dance Company Pre-Professional Year before joining Sydney Dance Company (SDC) in 2015. During Sam’s time with SDC he performed works by Rafael Bonachela, William Forsythe, Jacopo Godani, Alexander Ekman, Cheng Tsung-Lung, Andonis Foniadakis, Gideon Obarzanek, Gabrielle Nankivell, Christina Chan, Shian Law and Melanie Lane among others. In January 2018 Sam joined Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company under the direction of Jacopo Godani performing works by Jacopo Godani and William Forsythe. 


Anne Jung – dancer

Born in Groß-Umstadt, Germany. She began with Rhythmic Gymnastics in her childhood and participated in European and World Championships and the Olympic Games throughout her career. She received her dance training later at the Musikhochschule Köln. After receiving a scholarship from the Kunststiftung NRW, she came to the Ballettmainz where, under the direction of Pascal Touzeau, she was an ensemble member from 2009 to 2013. Next to Touzeau she worked with Jacopo Godani, Georg Reischl and Didy Veldman. In January 2014 she moved to the Nederlands Dans Theater 1 and danced in works by Marco Goecke, Paul Lightfoot, Sol Leon, Jiří Kylián, Medhi Walerski, Mats Ek and Franck Chartier. Since the beginning of 2017 she is a member of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company.


Dance: Yolanda Correa

Choreography: Andreas Heise

Music: “Du bist die Ruh”, Franz Schubert


> The song Du bist die Ruh by Franz Schubert is one of the most beautiful and touching pieces of music of the romantic era. It reminds me of a prayer with its calmness and simple melody. In search for inner piece, or maybe even for a certain order and discipline, feelings and memories have to be overcome. In solitude, which does not necessarily mean isolation, new strength to continue and create a new path can be found.


Andreas Heise - choreographer

Born in Germany, Andreas Heise studied at the Palucca University for Dance in Dresden and his career as a dancer began under Uwe Scholz at the Leipziger Ballett in 1998. In 2003, Andreas joined the Norwegian National Ballet in Oslo where he performed many leading roles. In 2006 Andreas started to choreograph regularly for the Norwegian National Ballet and in 2015 he made his UK debut as Associate Director/Choreographer of Paul Curran’s production of Benjamin Britten’s Death in Venice at the Garsington Opera. In June 2017 Andreas had his choreographic debut at the Salzburg Festival in a production of Handel’s Ariodante next to Opera Director Christof Loy and Cecilia Bartoli in the leading role. Further commissions include Orfeo (2017) for the Ballet Company in Koblenz, Germany and Nachstück (2018) and Lamento (2019) at the Stuttgart Ballet. Andreas created his first full length ballet Sandmann for the Ballet Company at Oper Graz in Austria in October 2018. His debut as Director/Choreographer in a new production of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas in a collaboration between the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet took place in March 2019. His choreographed and staged version of Schubert ́s Winterreise has been

presented in Portugal, Spain, Germany and Pakistan with Juliane Banse (soprano),

Alexander Krichel (piano) and István Simon (dance) in the years 2019/2020.

Yolanda Correa - dancer

Originally from Cuba, Yolanda Correa studied at the Vocational School of Art in Holguín and at the Cuban National Ballet School in Havana. She danced with the Cuban National Ballet, where she was given the highest accolade of primera bailarina. She won the International Meetings of Ballet Academies Contest in 1999, and was awarded the prestigious Positano Prize in 2012 for best female newcomer on the international dance scene. In 2014 she was awarded the Tom Wilhelmsen Opera and Ballet Prize. Yolanda Correa has joined the Norwegian National Ballet in 2010 and the Staatsballett Berlin in 2019 both as principal dancer. She is appearing as a guest star with several companies and has danced on many prominent international stages.

Her Repertoire includes roles like, the Sugar Plum Fairy and Clara in The Nutcracker, Kitri in Nurejev's Don Quixote, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, the title role in Giselle,Tatiana in Cranko's Onegin, Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, the title role in MacMillans Manon and the demanding dual role of Odette and Odile in Swan Lake, to only name a few. She has also danced leading roles in modern works such as Duato's Multiplicity – Forms of Silence and Emptiness, Forsythe's Steptext and In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated, and Kylián's Wings of Wax, Gods and Dogs, Symphony of Psalms and Stepping Stones. She took the leading roles in Tetley's Voluntaries and Balanchine's Tschaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2.


Dance: Saskia Rudat

Choreography: Saskia Rudat


> Brainjogging. What do you see? What did you regognize?

A seal, booty shake, death, Dirty Dancing, sex, ballet, Jesus, an elevator. It’s like youtube ‘autoplay’, or scrolling down the facebook timeline, or zapping randomly through the tv program. In her solo performance “brainjogging”, Saskia Rudat embodies one image after the other, changing quickly and unexpectedly, to create a chain of associations in the viewers mind. „braingogging“was awarded by the international SoloDuo dance festival and the Exposive Festival.


Saskia Rudat - dancer / choreographer

Studied psychology and physical theatre. Her* works include a variety of artforms such as music/text, movement/choreography, performance art and theatre. She* is working the connection between abstract art and specific imagination, audience connection, rhythm and complex composition as well as a clownish but pure performer attitude. In 2019 she made her first full evening Performance titled “Defining (i) dentity”. She* is a member of the Physical Theatre Network, Barnes Crossing Köln and the FREISCHWIMMEN Netzwerk.



Dance: Aline Aubert

Choreography / Slides: Dieter Heitkamp
Music: Curt Zimmerman, Kristian Stoyer


roter, gelber, grüner, brauner

aber rot ist doch

mein bruder, er wählte stets blau

This solo is a part of "rapid eye movement“ - one of seven parts created by Dieter Heitkamp and Helge Musial. The Program was premiered in TAT Frankfurt in 1983 and has been performed by myself more than 100 times in many countries and continents. The music was created on a balance beam and spring-boards by Curt Zimmermann and Kristian Stoyer in the frame of Werkstattprojekt: Raum - Zeit - Mensch, IST Scherenberg 1982.

Dieter Heitkamp - choreographer
Dieter Heitkamp is a Professor for contemporary dance at the University for Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt a.M. and director of the Dance Department since 2001. He has been on the Board of Directors of Tanzlabor_21/ Tanzbasis Frankfurt_ Rhein_Main from 2006 – 2015. In 2009 he initiated the interdisciplinary research platform THE ARTIST’S BODY

Since over 40 years he has been involved with studying, teaching and performing Contact Improvisation (CI). His on-going interest in developing and documenting CI as a social dance form and a choreographic tool took a new direction, with, which he developed in cooperation with Norbert Pape and with the support of the HfMDK Frankfurt a.M

For 20 years (78–98) he worked with Tanzfabrik Berlin as a choreographer, dancer, teacher, collective member and one of the artistic directors (until 1995). Besides creating over 18 full evening length pieces for Tanzfabrik,he also worked as a guest choreographer for Ballet Frankfurt ( „Pizza Girl“), choreographed two theatre productions (Peter Palitzsch, Holger Schulze) at Freie Volksbühne Berlin and made works for Video and TV. In 1997 he created both the choreography and the set design for „Le Disperazioni del Signor Pulcinella“, a ballet by Hans Werner Henze, for the State Opera Berlin. In his choreographies and lecture performances Dieter Heitkamp combines movement, text, concepts, images, objects, light, film and music. His choreographies have been presented throughout Germany, in 15 European countries, Canada, the USA, Japan, Hongkong and Brazil.

He was a founding member of the German Forum for Contemporary Dance in the 90ies, is a member of ITI Germany and ID_Frankfurt/ Independent Dance and also worked as curator for Tanzplan Deutschland, Fonds Darstellende Künste and Kunststiftung NRW. He was the Artistic Director of the 3rd. Dance Education Biennale 2012 Frankfurt am Main and has been one of the speakers of the German dance education conference for 7 years.


Aline Aubert - dancer

Born in Amsterdam (NL) in 1999, started to take ballet classes at the age of 13, which developed an interest for classical dance and contemporary dance. In 2017 she started with the Bachelor Dance Program at the HfMDK Frankfurt a.M. Here she gained valuable knowledge and skills in contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation and classical ballet. During her studies at the HfMDk she fell in love with performing and developed an interest in theatricality on stage after having worked with Johannes Wieland. In addition to this she is very interested in imagery approaches of movement. She explored this interested further in Alexander technique and Hofesh’s work. His movement language and approach to movement were inspiring to her. For her future Aline wishes to keep performing and developing her theatricality on stage.

Dance: Giovanni Visone
Choreography: Giovanni Visone
Music: “Ionia” Ben Frost - "Purple Phase” Kangding Ray

> Grenen. There is a phenomenon which exists on planet earth, this particular natural wonder is a defined line of two separate seas which meet and collide with each other. “Grenen” is a tongue of land that assists constantly to this magic.
The North Sea a calm and patient contender meets the restless spirit of the Baltic Sea. “Grenen” is the magic of a dancer’s work. The tiny line between performance and rehearsal. The transformation of the dancer to the onstage athlete and artist.
With this tiny line that exists in the dancers creative world I would like to allow the audience to understand the long process which exists behind the curtain and in the studio. The process which create the magic and the phenomenon which they are able to witness on the stage.


Giovanni Visone - dancer / choreographer

Born in Italy, he received his training at the Balletto di Toscana under the direction of Cristina Bozzolini in Florence and subsequently became a member of the Junior Company from 2012 to 2015.
In 2015/2016 he worked with Delattre Dance Company directed by Stephen Delattre in Mainz. Giovanni Visone has been a permanent member of the Staatsoper Hannover ballet ensemble since the season 2016/2017. Firstly under the direction of Jörg Mannes and then since August 2019 under the new direction of Marco Goecke.


Dance: Tony Rizzi

Choreography: Tony Rizzi

Music: Lionel Hampton und KD Lang 

Text: Jan Fabre

Eine Koproduktion des Troubelyn (Antwerpen)

und Unterwegs Theater ( Heidelberg)


> I am a mistake Monolog für einen verstockten Raucher »Ich bin ein Fehler, weil ich mein Leben selbst bestimme und organisch arbeite im Einklang mit meiner eigenen Urteilskraft und ohne Rücksicht darauf, was man tun sollte oder sagen sollte«, dies ist die freimütige Zusammenfassung der Welt- sicht des Künstlers. Und die »erste Person« weiß, dass sie hierfür einen Preis zu zahlen hat: den der schrittweisen Selbstzerstörung. Der Drang zur Selbst-Be- stätigung und die Missachtung gegenüber menschengemachten und natürli- chen Gesetzen wird sehr deutlich im wiederholten und unverbesserlichen Rau- chen auf der Bühne und im Lob der Zigarette, trotz des Wissens um ihre schädliche Wirkung, »Ich bin loyal dem Genuss gegenüber, der mich töten wird.« Rizzi erschafft eine neue Interpretation dieses poetischen und rauschhaf- ten Textes durch das, was er am besten kann: voller Neugier zu tanzen.


Tony Rizzi - dancer choreographer
Rizzi studied from 1980 to 1985 at the Boston School of Ballet with Bruce Wells, Virginia Williams, Viollette Verdy and Richard Dickenson and danced for the Boston Ballet. Since then he has worked as a dancer, choreographer, actor, visual artist, radio DJ, filmmaker and model. 1985 Rizzi was engaged to the Ballet Frankfurt, where he mainly worked with William Forsythe as main dancer and assistant. He has also choreographed for the Boston Ballet, the Scapino Ballet, Rotterdam (Nothing Original), the Ballet Frankfurt (My Ant Farm and Geek at the end of the table) and the Bavarian State Ballet in Munich (Just Die / For a body of work).


Rizzi has worked as an actor for Jan Fabre (Da un altra facio del tempo and Glowing Icons). For Jan Lauwers he played the role of James Joyce in DeadDogsDontDance and choreographed the opera “LIFE” by Ryuichi Sakamoto. He taught his own and William Forsythe's techniques in workshops and training seminars at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, The Place in London, Lund University in Sweden and Tokyo.


In February 2000, his play Snowman Sinking was premiered in the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm. Since 2006 he has mainly been working on his own work for his Antony Rizzi's Moving Production, which is produced by Mousonturm in Frankfurt am Main. In 2011 his performance She Was Just Somewhere Else was shown in Mousonturm. In 2012 Rizzi created his autobiographical piece Drugs Kept Me Alive for the cultural program of the European Capital of Culture 2012 in Maribor, Slovenia. The solo piece was performed again by Rizzi in March 2013 in the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm.



Dance: Abril Lukac
Choreography: Abril Lukac
Music: “No soy de aquí ni soy de allá”, Facundo Cabrera


> This is not a mental masturbation “The title is the concept, and the concept is that the piece has no concept” - Abril Lukac


Abril Inés Lukac - dancer / choreographer

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She started her dance education at the age of five, already experiencing the profound satisfactions of being one with the music wile improvising. At the age of eleven she began to study ballet professionally at “ISA Colon Theater”. 

At the age of nineteen she got accepted to study at the HfMDK.

Today Abril is interested in the current development of ballet as contemporary dance and in the upcoming times she wants to keep developing as a creator as well as a performer.


Dance: Teresa Pereira
Choreography: Brian Scalini

Music: "Walking Wounded 2" by Adam Sojka


> Cocoon  Our childhood shapes us as the human beings that we are today. Connecting with other people’s traumas inevitably affect us. Sharing the weight of their pain can lead us to blame them and us as well, creating barriers to protect ourselves to filter the outside world pain. During this process, an internal fight is generated. A new beginning can be achieved when we stop blaming and instead we start caring. Embracing the trauma and facing it from a different perspective will make it disappear or simply change form, leading us to a new life.


Brian Scalini - choreographer 

Brian is a freelance choreographer, dancer and designer based in Dresden, Germany. He was born in Italy where he has undertaken his professional dance studies in ballet and contemporary  in "Dance Studio Faenza", Italian Academy directed by Luna Ronchi.From 2017 until 2020 He is a professional dancer of the Tanzcompangnie “Landesbühnen Sachsen” in Dresden, Germany.

In 2018 He discovered his passion for choreography and He started creating his own works, having the possibility to be invited to different international events and competitions such as Gdansk Solo Dance Contest, Tanzwoche Dresden, TanzArt Galà Giessen (Germany), Certamen Internacional de Coreografia Burgos y Nueva York (Spain), The Black Box International Theater and Dance festival Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart (Germany), and many others.

In 2016 He also got a Bachelor's Degree in Product Design at the University of Bologna, which helped him to further develop the artistic skills/sensibility which He applies to his projects.

Teresa Pereira - dancer

Dance education:

2013- 2014: Professional training for dancers - Ballet Junior de Genève, Switzerland

2005-2013: Diploma of Professional Dancer National Conservatory of Lisbon, Portugal

Professional experience::

2018-2020: Creation and Direction of “D’Block” Dance Collective in Partnership with Hugo Epié and Clément Olivier; 

2016-2018: Landesbünhen Sachsen Tanzcompagnie, Repertoire work by Carlos Matos, Wencke Krimer de Matos and Michele Merola

2015-2016: Creation with Maud Blande  “touchdown” performed (over 10), Switzerland and France / Creation with Oliver Dubois for Cie Yan Duyvendak “Sound of Music”, Switzerland  

2013-2015: Ballet Junior de Genève, Switzerland. Repertoire work by Hofesh Shechter, Stijn Celis, Ken Ossola, Barak Marshall, Isabelle Chaffaud, Jerome Meyer, Wayne Mcgregor and Cindy Van Acker.

New creations with Osnat Kelner, Kristen Debrock and Jozsef Trefeli.  

Performances (over 10) in Geneva


Dance: Martina Martin

Choreography: Martina Martin

Music: Pepe Pereira


> States “What do I want to find out / research with this project? Where is my interest?

I arrived to Mannheim (directly from Madrid by car) in February, and at the end of the month, I started to work in a solo.

I wanted to create at the begginig of my new path in order to discover with out former judgements what I want to say and how I present my self in this new society. My purpose was clear: now that nobody knows me, what I want to say?

Before I came to Germany I produced a piece with some collegues and with my father ́s music that talks about emigration. We investigate the states where all the people go through when they go away from their home. I ́m going through those states right now, and I want to conect with them. I want to embrace all that feelings and find the way to let them out. And the best way I know, it ́s dancing.

That ́s my interest: to discover my inner artist right now, in this present time. I want to surprise my self facing deep thoughts and overcome them. Plus, I ́m finding new bravery inside me with this project because it ́s the first time in my career that I find my self able to create a solo.

With this opportunity I will have the chance to show my work, to get a feedback and also to think it for specific stage and light design. But the most important thing it ́s that this will give me the opportunity to fight against my fears and to release my new creative part. It could be the begginig of an artistic path.” - M. Martin

Martina Martin - dancer / choreographer

“My name is Martina, I ́m a dancer from Spain and I ́m 26 years old. I studied the ballet career at the Royal Conservatory of Dance in Madrid finishing in 2012. During the 2012-2013 season I was in ballet Mainz under the direction of Pascal Touzeau as an apprentice.

After that I went back to Madrid and I joined "caraBdanza" dance company from 2013 to 2015. While I was working there I also started to teach classical and contemporary dance. That brought me to work in 2016 as a dancer and teacher in an important school in Querétaro (Mexico) called "Proart". I also did two productions with "veozDanza" dance company and one of them won the first price of the "Ibérica Contemporánea Dance Competition".

At the end of 2017 I went back to Madrid, but first I spent three months in Los Angeles and New York learning new styles, specially comercial contemporary. In 2018 I started the Contemporary Dance Degree in Madrid while I keep working as a dancer, teacher and choreographer for publicity. One year later I received money to develop a piece and I worked in it as a producer, collaborating with the company Led Silhouette and my father as the musician.

At the beginning of 2020 I took all my backgrounds and I came to Germany, looking forward to keep growing as an artist in a country where art has a good value.” - M. Martin


Dance: Gjergji Meshaj

Choreography: Marta Castelletta

Music: Hand Covers Bruise, It Catches Up With You, 3:14 Every Night - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross


> Corpo estraneo is the current perception of a humanity suffocated by the unknown and that loses its vitality due to external agents which alter human existence’s physical and mental state. Through the voluminous organic material, the dancer's body assumes a sequence of images and sensations that recreate the oppressed and dismayed mood of individuals. "Corpo estraneo" is the voice of an existential moment that is more than ever destructive.


Marta Castelletta - choreographer

Has trained at ARTE DANZA NOVARA in Novara under the artistic direction of Barbara Gatto. She also attendend DAF in Rome. In 2017 she was a YAGP finalist in the contemporary section. She is currently a dancer for Bagart Ballet Company. Among her major achievements: she assisted Barbara Gatto in creating for Staatliche Ballettschule in Berlin, she was invited at the Ballettgala in Bremerhaven and at Tanzart in Giesen as guest with the choreographies ‘’Duo Verba’’ and ‘’Melankoli’’.


Gjergji Meshaj - dancer

He received his dance training at Arte Danza Novara under the artistic direction of Barbara Gatto.

He was a YAGP finalist in the contemporary dance section in 2017.

In 2018 he joined Bagart Ballet Company . In December 2018 he participated at the NDT talent day.

In 2019 he won first place in the contemporary category at Tanzolymp and he danced at the

Tanzolymp Gala in Berlin.

He was guest artist at Tanzart Ostwest Festival in Gießen, and at the “BallettGala 2019” in Bremerhaven.


>> At the end of the second dance evening, an international jury and the audience will award the following artistic prizes: choreography, dance, and audience awards.