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SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Solo Dance Festival - Global Call 2022

Dear applicants, this year we received over 350 applications.
We are honored that an increasing number of artists from all over world are interested in our festival. We thank each one of you for submitting your work and we hope you will keep sharing with us your progress and upcoming projects.

We will here announce the artists selected from the global call 2022.
NOTICE: the artists who has been previously selected in past calls, will not appear in this list, but will stay in our database for further opportunities during 2022.

>> The following artists will be invited to perform in one or more of the six editions of SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Solo Dance Festival.

Travis Clause-Knight with “EXPOSURE”

Odsuren Dagva/Regina van Berkel with “INEEKH”

Alexandre Duarte/Caterina Mochi Sismondi with “SOLO DUE”

Gabrielle Duval with SPREAD IT, REACH IT”

Rebecca Hoback with “RENDERING”

Tori Meyer with “BAUBLE HEAD”

Rebecca Moriondo/Cristina Golin with “OVER THE FENCE, STRAWBERRIES”

Barkha Patel with “BOUND”

Lalel Pillora with “AS IT IS - CLOSER LOOK”

Olivia Ramsey with “OLIVE GROVE”

Michal Vach with “FAE”

Leander Veizi/Fátima López García with “DÓNDE”

Rosalie Wanke with “seXXless // Pink Lady”

>> Here the 10 selected short dance films selected from the global call 2022.

Antonin Comestaz with “2m²”

The future of dance, company with “YIN YANG”

Davide De Lillis with “PANORAMA”

Paloma Galiana Moscardo with “ACCEPTANCE”

Jungeun Kim with “IN MY HANDS”

Salvatore Insana “APORIA”

Tchina Ndjidda with “EX P ERRANCE”

Tamara Robledo Our with “FUERZA”

Linda Steele II with “CARRE:FOUR”

Rosalie Wanke with “seXXless // Pink Lady”

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