SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Solo Dance Festival - Torino edition 2021 (Italy, national call)

Due to a high number of applications, the results of the “Global Call” related to the cities of Tunis, Oklahoma City, and Frankfurt will be published on Monday 15 of February.


> Dear applicants to SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Solo Dance Festival - Torino edition 2021, we would like to thank all the dance and performance artists, who trusted us with their works, allowing us to watch a great variety of choreographies, full of creativity and inspiration. We always try to welcome new proposals as much as the time and the resources of the festival allow.

After a long and complex selection process, we publish today the names of the artists invited to the festival.” - Raffaele Irace, festival director


> Cristian Magurano / Raphael Bianco - Compagnia EgriBiancoDanza

> Daniele Salvitto

> Emanuele Piras

> Federica La Monaca / Damiano Artale

> Francesca Piergiacomo / Angelo Egarese

> Gjergji Meshaj / Marta Castelletta - Bagart Ballet Company

> Vittoria Franchina / Virginia Spallarossa - Déjà Donné