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SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Solo Dance Festival - Global Call 2023

Dear applicants, this year we received over 550 applications.
We are honored that an increasing number of artists from all over world are interested in our festival.
We thank each one of you for submitting your work and we hope you will keep sharing with us your progress and upcoming projects.

We will here announce the artists selected from the global call 2023:

- Pat Toh (Singapore) in "TOPOGRAPHY OF BREATH"
- Hila Nachshonov (Israel) in "MAYBE I'M JUST ANOTHER"
- Shirly Barbie (Israel) in "DO YOU LOVE ME"
- Baoniu Liu (China) in "WHERE"
- C.ia blucinQue (Italia) in "COPPELIA PROJECT"
- Daria Koval (Ukraine) in "RESISTANCE"

>> The selected dancefilms from the global call 2023:


“PORTRAIT” by Vilma Tihilä & Kauri Sorvari (Finland) >> COORPI Film Award Torino 2023

“ABSENT PRESENCE” by Giorgia Ponticello (Italy) >> Special Mention Solocoreografico Solo Dance Festival, La Danza in 1 Minuto X edizione – COORPI

“T-VERSIONE I” by Alia Simoncini (Italy)

“OUR PLANET DESTINY” by Li Chen (China)

“CENTRAL STATION” by Nai long Song (China)

“RETURN IN THE WIND” by Changhui Xie (China)

“A LIGHT TOUCH” by Tobias Sköld (Sweden)

“ECTOPIC BODIES” by Andrea Vezga Acevedo (Austria)

“LAST SCENT” by Aurora Fradella, Gianmarco Martini Zani, Brian Scalini (Italy /Germany)

“APPLES” by Bracha Klein (Israel)

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