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PROGRAM - Frankfurt

SOLOCOREOGRAFICO - Solo Dance Festival

Frankfurt 2019, II. edition

14. > 19. May 2019

Gallus Theater

Kleyer Str. 15, Frankfurt am Main


>> 16.05.2019 - 20.00 Uhr



Choreography: Cyril Baldy

Performance: Ashley Wright

Music: Cyril Baldy


> Variation is about dancing. Which immediately raises the following question: how to keep on dancing? To keep on dancing while suspending fixity of codification in dance, its practice, its choreography and its performance. Resisting and re-forming their previous definitions to allow change, in the direction of the unfamiliar to discover the possibility of something not yet thought of, not yet felt, not yet experienced. To  discover the possibility of an impossible. - C. Baldy


HIGH BREED – solo • (Italy / Germany)
Dance: Zoe Lenzi Allaria
Choreography: Jacopo Godani
Music: 48 Nord

> Solo excerpt from the full dance evening High Breed. High Breed could be considered an ideological work, in the sense that it makes idea-forms visible. As a giver of shape who wants to bring viewers into the dance experience, Jacopo Godani attempted with this choreography to escape from the imaginable, to go beyond it, and in this way, he created an intriguing darkness: a realm in which potentiality emerges beyond light. Because for High Breed to be beyond possibles, it must find itself freed of limited choreographic restrictions.  - L. Sancho Escanero

PAGLIACCI • (Portugal / Italy)
Dance: Cecilia Castellari
Choreography: Tiago Manquinho
Music: Orchester Circus Roncalli, Ben Frost, Mac Quayle, Aurora
Music editing: Tiago Manquinho

> The clown is an archetypal figure who always existed: he makes people laugh because of his own accidents and failures. The clown reminds people, in a humorous way, of imperfection and disorder, chaos and failure and finally death. But what happens to the person behind the mask, who experiences the same tragic fates as all people? He too, cannot escape being aware of his own transience. How does the artist manage to entertain the crowd night after night? - T. Manquinho

BE UNTO ME • (Australia)
Dance, perfomance and music: Ashley Wright

> „I realise late at night in the moment before I fall asleep “In and of itself” nothing really matters. What matters is that nothing is ever “in and of itself.” „
This work is a symphonic meditation on our fascination with identity, an endless obsession with celebrity and youth and why it never seems to get old. A synthesis of not-quite compatible conditions, as a metaphor for the levels of self within us. - A. Wright

IN THE MISTS • (Czech Republic)
Choreography and dance: Kristyna Nemeckova
Music: Fazil Say

> The mist is a visible type of low-lying cloud, something we cannot see clearly through. When and why do we feel we are in the mist? What has been lost? And what will be found? Or was the mist just a mistake? - K. Nemeckova

MOPEY • (Germany)
Dance: Pablo von Sternenfels
Choreography: Marco Goecke
Music: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

> Seattle Times, 8. November 2005: „I have seen the future, and it is wearing a black, hooded sweatshirt. At least that’s what one might surmise after seeing the Pacific Northewest Ballet (..) which features (..) one brand-new, beautiful, lable-defying piece called „Mopey“.
New York Times: „What an amazing solo – Mopey by the German choreographer Marco Goecke. Sean Souzzi, a City Ballet corps member, was riveting in a portrait of madness so eloquent it looked like Shakespeare without words.“

DRAMA / CHAOS / CONFUSION / MADNESS • (Belgium / Australia)
Performed by: Ashley Wright
Created by Tragic by Accident (Rob Fordeyn & Darcey Bennett)

> Drama, Chaos, Confusion and Madness (D.C.C.M) has been developed to be performed in four scenes by four performers. Each guest feeds the performance with their own personal encounters as well as the historicity of what surrounds them. On the occasion of Solocoreografico Frankfurt 2019 Ashley Wright will take this task on her, performing a solo version of the part ’Drama’. She will take us on her way, lead us through the night. In the beginning of the journey she rather defends her own peculiarities, holding on to her graces which will lead to drama, chaos, confusion & madness. At the end of the journey she shapeshifts continuously, finding new harmonies. The transformative state of events means things will eventually near its end. It is in the space between and in the combination of these events that we can feel true danger and sensuality. - R. Fordeyn, D. Bennett


UNIT IN REACTION – solo • (Italy / Germany)
Dance: Zoe Lenzi Allaria
Choreography: Jacopo Godani
Music: 48 Nord

> Solo excerpt from the full dance evening UNIT IN REACTION. In Unit in Reaction, the kingdom of reality is suspended when a supposedly familiar setting is altered by the unexpected.  - L. Sancho Escanero

>> 18.05.2019 - 20.00 Uhr

PERSONA NON GRATA - Premiere • (Spain / Italy)

Dance: Igor Bacovich

Choreography: Metamorphosis Dance - Iratxe Ansa & Igor Bacovich
Music: Wim Wertens


> Persona non grata. Do we ow to the others for being ourselves? - I. Bacovich



Choreography: Giulia Menti

Dance: Francesca Bedin
Music: Stan Getz, Joao Gilberto, Soap & Skin


> Investigation on a not canonical female, not impudent and absolutely intimate, to reveal only after an ascertained trust.

In In dieser Frau, the choreographer meets the dancer to discover a different way of being woman. - G. Menti


PSYCHO PAINTER - Premiere • (Italy / Germany)
Choreography and Dance: Simone Deriu

Sound design: Simone Deriu


> Psyche means soul. Its an electric and almost breathable substance that seems to connect our limbs to the brain, or the so-called intellect. Free the soul and the Synapsis will form sparkling connections, forming ideas, forming reactions, spasms, little breathes or gestures that paints deformed trails and spirals. Cells use Chemistry  as a painter would, finding in the most random mixture of colors some super organized  crystal geometries. - S. Deriu


Dance: Charlotte Philippe

Choreography: Michel Hallet Eghayan

Music: Tigran Hamasyan


> The solo is an excerpt from the full evening show Hourrà!. When darkness comes over us, the deepest of us radiates light.


AS I WOULD LIKE… • (Germany)
Choreography and Dance: Richard Oberscheven


> All I have is the empty space. How can I enter this space to open up new possibilities, situations and conflicts? In this space I measure, I count, I use different ways and direction of my steps that are indicated either in relation to the space or in relation to my body position. Changing directions constantly unfolds the aspect of rotation that affects my dance and causes new events. Following my intuition allows me to experience the resulting dance internally and externally, a living architecture of my body. - R. Oberscheven


NONCHALANT • (Germany)
Choreografie und Dance: Daniel Moret Chanzà

Music: 6lack


> “My choreography was originally an improvisation to the song “Nonchalant“ by 6lack. What I tried to embody in this piece are lots of different things, pain, confidence and insecurity at the same time. Things I had to deal with in my life that really affected me. It is a self reflection for me and a story to tell to others. My goal of this piece is to pull the audience into my head, into my world so they can see things in the way that I do so that I can create a non verbal communication because dance is all about expression and sharing.” - D. Moret Chanzá



Concept and performance: Jule Flierl


> Dissociation Study is a grotesque dance for the face in which the synchronicity of the singing voice and outer articulation is undone into independent movers. Dissociation describes a mental state which is seen as disorder. This practice of dissociation strives for overcoming the paradigm of the holistic body, proposing a challenge for the perception of a vocalizing body, and is an empowering game for the performer. The body of the future doesn’t make analogue sense and moves into many directions at once. This piece is inspired by vocal dance „Coloratura" by the 1920’s grotesque dancer Valeska Gert. - J. Flierl


QUARTER PAST • (Russia / Germany)
Choreography and Dance: Maria Kobzeva (Germany / Russia)


> “This solo for me is about how I perceive the daily routine in life. Lots of movement, sometimes even unnecessary movement. Getting caught up in it. Some parts of the routine become so automated that I end up detaching myself from the action and entering a different dimension. Sometimes life is like a turntable - ‘scratching’ different moments over and over,  caught up in a loop of daily routine.” - M. Kobzeva


THE DYING SWAN • (Spain / Germany)

Dance: Amancio Gonzalez

Choreography: Michel Fokine
Mise-en-scène: Laura Jeanne


> “Michel Fokine created this solo for danish ballerina, Elna Ørnberg. She passed it on to Carmina Ocaña, who, in honour to Elna Ørnberg named her daughter Elna Matamoros. Elna passed the solo on to russian Ballerina Elena Vostrotina, who passed it on to me.” - A. Gonzalez


BIRD • (France)

Choreography and Dance: Eléa Robin
Music: Maggot Brain


> “Soul, she says- singing the oldest song in the electric sky, took his hat off. That circle song inside me, modelled with sand, gravel, clay and other metallic particles of memories, takes me always so close always so far. Could be all a dream? 

And Limbo laughed under me, Pandora's box, may be? must be turned over in his tomb. But I follow the sentence,
keeping mystery and fire inside and now we are dancing, aren't we? Cosmos and I La, la, la” - E. Robin




Choreography and Dance: Max Zachrisson
Music: Max Zachrisson


> This piece took it's first steps on the ferry between Sweden and Denmark where Max Zachrisson recorded the sound of the shaking wine bottles on the shelves of the shop on board. This very typical sound became the base of the musical process and set a melancholic and dark vibe that continued all the way through to the finished track and from an audible to a visual content through movement. A piece inspired by the sound of wine and all the sadness, numbness and loneliness that can occur when wine is drunk to heal a broken soul. - M. Zachrisson