Solo Dance Festival - Frankfurt 2021



5.10.2021 - 8 PM

Gallus Theater, Kleyerstraße 15, 60320 Frankfurt am Main


exhibitions in the theatre foyer: Maciej Rusinek photo exhibition “Impressions from the Impro_ring”, after a dance project by Raffaele Irace. Saara Nurmi photo and cyanotypes exhibition, inspired by Maria Nurmela solo "Closer to the Wild Heart".


Choreography & Dance: MARIA NURMELA


Light design and space: KALLE ROPPONEN

with the friendly support of the Finnland Institute in Germany, and the TelepArt artist program.


- the solo will be followed by an artist talk with Maria Nurmela, and by her "Piercing the dark" a danced introduction to her new production inspired by the novel "The little match girl". -


> Closer to the Wild Heart lends its name from the novel Near to the Wild Heart (1948) by Brazilian author Clarice Lispector without being a reconstruction of it. Lispector ́s existential prose has given the initial spark for the crew: for their working methods as well as for their expressive and aesthetic aims. Closer to the Wild Heart draws a portrait of a woman between reality and fiction. It examines themes of invisibility and self-reinvention and consists of fleeting moments that begin and end without claims of finality.


Maria Nurmela - dancer / choreographer

ABOA Cultural Price 2020 recipient Maria Nurmela has worked as a freelance dance artist since 2002. Her own work often takes place on interdisciplinary interfaces and in different performance spaces, communally and in film format. Her works have been seen in various Festivals and venues both in Finland and abroad such as Critical Path Sydney (2019) and Palais de Tokyo Museum Paris (2018) etc. Many internationally esteemed choreographers such as Susanne Linke (2012-), Susanna Leinonen (2019-2020), and Yuval Pick (2007) have as well employed Maria in their works but her longest engagement is with Finnish choreographer Tero Saarinen in whose company TSC she worked as a dancer, répétiteur, teacher of Saarinen´s movement technique and leading the company's social outreach program Apollo Tanssii (2002-2017). Since 2018 Maria is leading The Days Project together with her colleague, Ville Oinonen. Their initiative to invite an English choreographer and designer, Theo Clinkard to create a duet they could perform together led to a successful contemporary dance work The Days. Since its premiere in Pori 2018, The Days has toured vastly in Finland but also internationally and also offered audience work for, especially elderly dance enthusiasts. In addition to her work as a dance artist, Maria also teaches, mentors and works as an advisor in different institutions such as the Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki. Maria’s artistry has been recognized by numerous grants and awards and in 2008 she was nominated in the Ballet/Tanz Year Book as one of the most remarkable female contemporary dancers in Europe.


Saara Nurmi - printmaker / sculptor

Saara Nurmi is Finnish printmaker and sculptor. She is a member of The Association of Finnish Print Makers. Nurmi also uses photography based methods in her works. Analogue things are very close to her heart. Lately she has been building pinhole cameras and taking photos with them. As a member of several multidisciplinary collectives she often offers different views to see light, picture and shadow as material to work as spatial element. She gets inspired from organic forms and often uses them as they are; branches, leaves, scratches composed to the copper plate while staying on a junk yard. Her main purpose is to give esthetical pleasure through her works. But deeper down there are a lot of meanings in the specific materials and working methods which increases the narrative of her works. The immaterial conceptualism in Saara Nurmi´s works couldn't be there without the material form.

Kalle Ropponen - light design

Helsinki-based lighting designer Kalle Ropponen works as a visual designer in the field of performing arts in Finland.

He has collaborated with the Finnish National Ballet and the Finnish National Theatre, and has participated in numerous freelance productions. Ropponen and Maria Nurmela have previously collaborated in the Turku Art Association and in the play "PASSION - love according to G.H.", based on Clarice Lispector's book and presented in Turku, at the Kolmas tila (Third Space) arts collective.

Currently kalle is consulting the self-empowered lighting system in the Maria Nurmela´s coming production Falling Through The Disappearing Light (premier in November 2021 in Turku, Finland).

Kalle Ropponen was appointed as the new Head of the Light, Sound and Video Department at the National Theatre. He took up his position on 1 April 2020.

Jaakko Vastapuu - musician / sound designer

Jaakko Vastapuu is a doctoral researcher (musicology, University of Turku), musician and sound designer. His scientific articles on music technology have been published in the Finnish journal "Musiikin suunta" and his master's thesis on attack transients was awarded as the best master's thesis in musicology in Finland in 2015.

Vastapuu's recent compositions and sound designs include the six-hour-long sound piece Metal Women for an art exhibition portraying former Liberian girl soldiers, as well as the sound design for Maria Nurmela's contemporary solo dance work Closer to the Wild Heart.

Currently Vastapuu and Nurmela are prepairing together creation Falling Through The Disappearing Light, in premier 6.11.2021 in Rettigs Old Tobacco Factory, Turku.

As producer, engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer and musician, Vastapuu has participated in over 200 live performances and 70 records. Vastapuu has also worked on theatre productions at the Linnateatteri theatre and the Samppalinna Summer Theatre in Turku, Finland. 

As a musician he forms part of the internationally acclaimed shoegaze band Tyynyt, the folk assembly Antti Kokkomäki & Tammikuun Lapset and the punk band The Sayonaras.


Choreography & Dance: MARIA NURMELA


Photos and cyanotype prints: SAARA NURMI


> Piercing the dark is a danced interdisciplinary performance by Maria Nurmela with Jaakko Vastapu (music), Saara Nurmi (photo), and Ewa Stefanski (drawing). The performance is an introduction to her new work inspired by the novel "The little match girl".

7.10.2021 - 8 PM

Gallus Theater, Kleyerstraße 15, 60320 Frankfurt am Main


in the theatre foyer: Maciej Rusinek photo exhibition “Impressions from the Impro_ring”, after a dance project by Raffaele Irace. Ewa Stefanski art works exhibition after Maria Nurmela's performance "Pierrcing the dark".


& open discussion "Rethinking dance culture".

With the lockdown in early 2020, a real boom began for dance videos online. Numerous dance artists worldwide (including from Frankfurt) expressed their creativity in short clips and flooded social media platforms and websites with dance video content. Born out of the necessity of social distancing, the dance film evening is now an integral part of the festival curriculum of SOLOCOREOGRAFICO in all international editions.


Dance films have long since advanced beyond mere portrayal to an independent genre that is gaining worldwide recognition and reaching an ever wider audience. On October 7th, the Solocoreografico Solo Dance Festival will present a lavish selection of the best dance film productions in 2021 on the big screen in our theater hall. In addition, some of the filmmakers and dancers will be on site for the occasion, give an introduction to the videos and enter into dialogue with the audience. The short films were also part of the film nights of the festival editions Tunis and Turin and enjoyed great popularity there with the public and the press.




a film by: Jill Crovisier

Dance / Choreography: Andy Lin


Film / Choreography / Dance: Nelson Barrios

Camera: Erik Bernard



Film / Choreography / Dance: Annalì Rainoldi

Camera: Nicolò Asahi Cameroni



a film by / camera / dance / choreography: Clémence Juglet



a film by: Raz Elispur

Dance: Lior Lazarof



a film by: Luciano Padovani

Dance: Elisa Spina



a film by / Tanz: Daphne Fernberger



a film by / dance: Sara Chinetti



a film by / dance: Mena Rusciano

Illustration and stop-motion animation: Rinedda



a film by / dance / music: Noemi Piva

Voice: Alexa Boero

With: Filippo Arnaudo



a film by / dance: Sara Koluchová


F (y) EARS

a film by: Simone Cascone


Concept and Direction: Max Levy
Choreography: Max Levy, in collaboration with Miguel Toro
Performance: Max Levy and Miguel Toro
Camera: Jubal Battisti
Additional Camera: Yaiza Davilla Gomez
Editing: Max Levy
Additional Editing: Jubal Battisti
Color: Jubal Battisti
Trailer: Jubal Battisti
Music: Max Levy, after Felix Mendelssohn's Songs Without Words Op. 30-6 No. 12 in F sharp Minor



Choreophy and dance: Paloma Galiana Moscardò

Music: MEUTE “You and me”

J.S. Bach: Goldberg Variations BWV 988, Aria

Piano: Kai Adomeit

Video director and editing: Paloma Galiana Moscardò

Camera: Marina Terechov


a film by / choreography: Cristina Golin

Camera / Editing: Omar Tomaino

Dance: Rebecca Moriondo

8 and 9.10.2021 - 8 PM

Gallus Theater, Kleyerstraße 15, 60320 Frankfurt am Main


in the theatre foyer: Maciej Rusinek photo exhibition “Impressions from the Impro_ring”, after a dance project by Raffaele Irace. Ewa Stefanski art works exhibition after Maria Nurmela's performance "Pierrcing the dark".

Solo choreographies night

(Dance awards on the 9 October)


Choreography & Dance: IRAD AVNI

Music: Gioachino Rossini, Antonin Dvorak

in cooperation with MACHOL SHALEM Dance House, Jerusalem - Israel


> Narkis 

About creature and entity

A letter to NARKIS:

There is nothing in this world but myself.

Everything lies beneath me. I fulfill light and beauty. I have a rich

inner world. I am love and perfection.

Only my reflection exists, I reflect myself reflecting through myself reflecting myself.

I am a protected flower.

You might feel clean and free of psychology but at the same time also dead in

some sense.

When you visit life you envy her, her totality. You will always have lack of totality

I promise that your reflection will not bring death upon you but a peek into your

innermost layers, the hidden sides that emerge and erupt every so often;

Give up on creating attempts to uphold your persona.

Don’t show everything at once, leave some room for curiosity.

But you, you are not exactly a classic Narcissus.

I hope that when you leave, you will love yourself and let go,

you will be complete.


Irad Avni - dancer / choreographer

Irad Avni is an Israeli dancer and choreographer.

Irad was the recipient for a three year scholarship for gifted dancers of Bat Sheva Dance Company during 2015-2018. As a dancer he participated in several independent projects Such as Niv Seinfeld and Oren Laor, and danced in the Kolben Dance Company during the 2018-2019 season and Jerusalem Dance Theater from 2019-2020. Currently, Irad is dancing with Fresco Dance Company in Tel Aviv.

Irad went on to create JUST DANCE in 2018 and WE / OUI in 2019 which performed in venues in Israel and Europe as well. His last work, "NARKIS", was created as part of the 2019 Smilanski Festival and

performed all over Israel. It was also accepted into the international choreography competition of Machol Shalem, Jerusalem.

Finally, Irad works in theater and television (as an actor), artistic director of “BRIA” platform for young choreographers collaborating with “MASH” dance house and “OPUS 1” in Slovenia and currently works as a choreographer in the Tel Aviv Municipality.

•ιντεκάλ - INTEKÁL
Choreography & Dance: ELIANE ROUMIÉ


> ιντεκάλ / انتقال Intekal

Moving places, detaching from your roots, getting away. Emigrating in search of better conditions is a process of existential evolution. A constant process of uprooting and resettling. A transition.

 Transition is not linear, neither it has one direction. It consists of various elements. It is a mixture of experiences. «ιντεκάλ / انتقال» " is a solo piece influenced by my origins and is based on the story of a man - my father - who transitioned from one place to another. The piece is inspired from the narration of Georges Roumié describing his relationship with his country of birth, Syria, and his home, Greece. 

Eliane Roumie - dancer / choreographer

She is a half Greek, half Syrian, artist, born and raised in Athens. She studied contemporary dance technique in Tanzfabrik Berlin, Dans Centum Jette Brussels and Professional Dance School/Aktina in Athens. She completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Physical Theatre at the Royal Holloway University of London following a Comprehensive Teacher Training Pilates Certification by the American Academy Body Arts and Science International.

As a dancer and performer she has worked on projects in Belgium, Germany, Cyprus and Greece. Personal choreographic work has been presented both locally and internationally in Festivals such as 9th Young Artist Festival-Athens, Our Festival-Athens, Athens Video Dance Project Festival (AVDP), Young Choreographers Festival-Copenhagen, 12th International Dance Festival SoloDuo-Cologne, and Dance Days Chania 11-Crete. Her latest work  ‘ιντεκάλ / انتقال’ will be travelling in autumn 2021 at 4th Solo Dance Contemporary Festival Ankara, Solocoreografico - Dance Festival Frankfurt and On_Bodies Dance and Performance Arts Festival Cyprus. She continues dancing, choreographing and teaching contemporary dance, physical theater, and pilates techniques to students of all ages. 

Choreography: RAPHAEL BIANCO (Egribianco Danza)

Music: Richie Havens


> Freedom is a male solo in which the dancer expresses his need for freedom through an overwhelming physicality.


Raphael Bianco - choreographer 

Raphael Bianco studied with Susanna Egri, joined her company, and then started his international career (Compagnia Carte Blanche, Ensemble di Micha Van Hoecke, Ballet du Nord). In 1998 he founded Fondazione Egri per la Danza and in 1999 Compagnia EgriBiancoDanza of which he is co-director and resident choreographer. He created a lot of ballets for the company and after a few years working alongside Susanna Egri, he began to manage it independently, redefining the identity, contents, strategies of the Company and projecting the Foundation's activities into a new creative dimension. In 2003 Raphael Bianco created IPUNTIDANZA season, an interregional network in an effort of favoring distribution of dance shows, cultural exchange, support for the youngest choreographers, and training the public.

Cristian Magurano - dancer

When he was 15 he started to study ballet and modern jazz at the "Centro Danza Degas di Cannole'' school (LE) directed by Antonio Orlando. At the age of 18 he attended the "School of Tuscany Ballet" directed by Cristina Bozzolini; then he continued his studies at the "Centro Danza e Movimento '' school founded by Lilia Bertelli. In the same year he joined the company "Mistral directed". Since 2011 he has been a dancer in the stable nucleus of the Egribiancodanza Company directed by Susanna Egri. At the same time he started to collaborate on MixAbility dance projects with the “Compagnia Dreamtime” directed by Paola Banone. In 2014 he started a training course to become a choreographic composition with Raphael Bianco, creating several works for the Young Choreographers section of IPUNTIDANZA. From 2015 he became a tutor of AFED students (High Training Egri Danza).

Choreography & Dance: CLÉMENCE JUGLET

Music: " Tuesday" and "Wednesday" by Leon Afterbeat (Robin Betelu)

> I need to. Time is now only an instrument of evaluation, the measure of excellence. It obsesses us, terrifies us, makes us feel guilty and provokes a sense of urgency. One objective remains : to make the most of this time again and again, until we are satisfied, and then, hungry for the best, we repeat this pattern indefinitely. We are trapped in a race against time, in which we exhaust ourselves by supplying more and more energy. We give ourselves body and soul to our work. We never stop trying to master time, to control it, but this is only an illusion. One must maintain an idealized image of oneself, to the point of ignoring one's own value and wealth in favour of work.


Clémance Juglet - dancer / choreographer

Trained at the Espace Pléiade in Paris, in Sabrina Lonis' classes and at Steps in New York, she enriches her stage experience by participating in French and international competitions, choreographic meetings, or in battles. In 2018, she choreographed her first solo " L'Autre " which she presented in several competitions and festivals abroad. In July 2019, she created the OUPS Dance Company with Emilie Joneau. The duet became laureate of the DIALOGUES 2021 competition with its first creation " Pardon! " She creates her second solo with Leon Afterbeat "Il faut que je'' which received the 1st Prize at the Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart 2021, and also at the Solo Dance Contest Gdanski 2020 and Certamen de Burgos y Nueva York 2021.




Music: Pavane pour une infante défunte, M. 19


> Ravel Through the ritual of the rave, the chaotic dimension of the universe perpetuates and the instinctive approach to existence becomes again possible. The research reveals in the essence of the ex-temporality the ephemeral, the hedonism, the pure pleasure thanks to the centrality of that simple, pleasant and universal act which is the dance.


Virginia Spallarossa - choreographer 

She studied at Teatro alla Scala, Académie Princesse Graçe and the contemporary dance with the main teachers of the Release technique. In 2012 she founded Pandanz, associazione più che culturale and she is the artistic director of the international festival, Pillole, somministrazioni di danza d'autore. Since 2015 she is the artistic director and choreographer of Déjà Donné dance company supported by the Ministry of cultural goods and by the Region Umbria.


Vittoria Franchina – dancer
She was born in Milan in 1994, started her professional training at Accademia Susanna Beltrami/Dancehaus, where she graduated in 2016. She performed works by Susanna Beltrami, Diego Tortelli, Matteo Bittante and Déjà Donné dance company. She is also an associated artist with DanceHauspiù and co-founder of “dueditre”, a contemporary dance collective.


Choreography: LIOR TAVORI


Music: The Swan - Tchaikovsky

with the friendly support of the General Consulate of the State of Israel in Munich


> Mars.

There is no guidebook on this planet There are rules I had to learn
All alone
I made the adjustments

I measured the distances
Today I am erasing the boundaries 


Lior Tavori - choreographer

Choreographer and artist in the field of dance and theater. Earned a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and a master's degree in dance (with honors) from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.
In recent years he has created pieces for dance companies in China, the Inbal Dance Company and others. His works were commissioned by Curtain Up Dance festival in the years 2019, 2020 and 2021. Created new dance work in 2021 for Quorum Ballet, In Lisbon, Portugal. His various works have received numerous awards in Israel and have been performed on countless stages around the world, in countries like China, Italy, Spain, The United States, Brazil, Mexico, Georgia, and Taiwan among others.


Ori Moshe Ofri - dancer

Born in Tel-aviv, 1991, he danced with BatSheva Dance Company 2009-2017

Worked with Ohad Naharin, Sharon Eyal and Roy Assaf

Dancer with Sol Dance Company since  2018

Dancer with Lior Tavori Dance Company since 2020


Choreography & Dance: MARCIN MOTYL

Music: Emptyset - Interstice / Collapse


> Device. The author of the project was inspired by people's everyday behaviour and big-city life. It is an attempt to observe if one device is able to alter us. Is it also able to arouse any feelings? Is it possible that a gadget is able to cause other courses of events in our thoughts or feelings?

Marcin Motyl - dancer / choreographer

Marcin Motyl is an independent dancer, choreographer and movement creator based in Berlin. After graduating from the Warsaw Ballet School, he was presented with opportunities to work with Ohad Naharin, Veronika Riz, Jo Strømgren and many others. Currently he has been developing his own, unique creative method of movement. His aim is to give life to an individualistic approach to choreography, based on his professional education and experience, connected with the idea of abstraction and his interest in the human mind. To date, his works have been shown in Japan, China, Germany, Hungary and Poland.

>> On Saturday 9 October, at the end of the second dance evening, an international jury and the audience will award the following artistic prizes: choreography, dance, and audience awards.