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16 - 17 March - Théâtre-studio aux Échappées Belles / Lyon - France

Saturday March 16th - Theatre opens at 9:30


Dance workshops (mandatory registration until the 10th of March at

10:00 – 11:30 Contemporary dance with Aurelie Mounier

11:45 – 13:15 Contemporary dance with Margot Bain

13.45 – 15.15 Contemporary dance with Daniela Borghini


20:00 SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Evening Program and Audience Award Ceremony


WINGLESS” choreography Aurelie Sara Mounier, dance Carolina Bongini (YOUTH program)

GERADEAUS” choreography Marta Papaccio, dance Alice Ruzzafante (YOUTH program)

IN-CONTRO” choreography Daniela Borghini, dance Davide Barlettani (YOUTH program)

L’ANGE ANZAZIL” choreography Michel Hallet-Eghayan, dance Nicola Ayoub

L’ANGE DARDAïL” choreography Michel Hallet-Eghayan, dance Émilie Eckly

L’ANGE MACHAEL” choreography Michel Hallet-Eghayan, dance Anne-Sophie Seguin

“MUTTER” choreography and dance Valeria Lastra Perez

L'ÉTRANGER” choreography and dance Jonathan Breton

POLARITIES OF CREATION” choreography and dance Ornella Bavaro

BLOOMING” choreography and dance Lena Arvay Vass

>>> At the end of the dance evening

we will announce the AUDIENCE AWARD WINNER


Sunday March 17th - Theatre opens at 9:30


Dance workshops (mandatory registration until the 10th of March at

10:00 – 11.30 Contemporary dance with Raffaele Irace

11:45 – 13:15 Contemporary dance with Marta Papaccio

> SHOW <

15:00 SOLOCOREOGRAFICO YOUTH program and Selection Ceremony


On stage the talented young dancers taking part to the YOUTH program of the festival

Shows take place at the Théâtre-studio aux Échappées Belles, 65 Rue du Bourbonnais, 69009 Lyon, France.

The festival was created in 2014 in Turin, Italy, by the choreographer Raffaele Irace. With an independent Lyon edition, thanks to the Cultural Association Supernova - Torino and Hallet Eghayan | Artistes Associés, the festival is now expanding its network and placing its annual event in Lyon dance calendar.

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