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SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Solo Dance Festival - Tunis 2021

19 June 2021 - 7 PM

Studio EL HOUMA - Tunis

34, Rue Pygmalion, Les jardins de CARTHAGE, 1090, Tunis, Tunis


> "OVER THE FENCE - STRAWBERRIES" by Rebecca Moriondo / Cristina Golin
> "FREE" by Charfeddine Traoriti

> "AS IT WAS IN THE PAST" by Ada Tenuti / Isabella Legato

> "ENTRE CIEL ET TERRE" by Afiadegnigban Kossivi Senagbe

> "MORMORA" by Ylenia Ambrosino / Francesco Mangiapane

> "FROM WHERE I STAND" by Micah Bullard / Collin Connor

The SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Solo Dance Festival, founded in Italy in 2014 by Italian choreographer Raffaele Irace, will take place in collaboration with the Cultural Centre Studio ElHouma in the city of Tunis, for the first time in 2021. The renowned dance platform has its central hub in Frankfurt (Gallus Theater) working in a network with Turin (Teatro Café Müller) and Oklahoma City (Oklahoma International Dance Festival)

Because of the covid-19 pandemic, this first Tunis edition will take place as a film projection in the Studio ElHouma with a limited audience, and online with live streaming on Facebook Live, on the 19 of June at 19:00 (MEZ).

The first part of the evening will be dedicated to Solocoreografico Film Night, the video dance section of the festival.

In the second part, we will show the choreographies selected for this edition of the festival. These choreographies are shown for the first time here in Tunis.

We have been thinking a lot about whether it was good to organize this new Tunisia edition during the pandemic, or not.

We came to the conclusion that we always want, especially at this time, to support dance artists. So we decided to do it.
 For this particular edition, we decided to dedicate the festival frame to young choreographers and dancers who challenged themselves during this hard period of time. They kept dancing, creating, and producing new works that we have the pleasure to display on Saturday 19 June with a film projection in the Studio ElHouma for the local audience, and online for a wider one.

It is important for festival organizers to maintain the festival feeling, international flair, cooperation, and discourse even in times of physical distance. The connection with the many international partners is still central to SOLOCOREOGRAFICO and will continue the cooperations today and in the future, hopefully without the many travel restrictions, that stop many of the artistic exchange that we love to do.

You can find information about SOLOCOREOGRAFICO TUNISIA 2021 on our website or following our Facebook and Instagram.

SOLOCOREOGRAFICO TUNISIA 2021 is made with friendly support from Cultural Center Studio ElHouma.

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