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founder and artistic director of SOLOCOREOGRAFICO

Raffaele Irace graduated as a dancer at the Fondazione Teatro Nuovo in Turin and specialized at the École-Atelier Rudra by Maurice Béjart in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In 2005 he graduated from the DAMS in History of Theater at the Università degli Studi of Turin. His path as a dancer and choreographer is marked by a strong investigative desire with respect to the art of dance.

During his career he interprets the works of the greatest masters and international names in the choreography. Among the most important Robert North, Mats ek, James Sutherland, Austin Hartel, Carolyn Carlson, Jacopo Godani, Maurice Béjart and William Forsythe.

His method of teaching contemporary dance is inspired and brings to fruition, in addition to the important experience as a dancer, the teachings of masters such as Austin Hartel (Pilobolus) John Mead, Harris Mantafounis (Limon technique) Douglas Nielsen (Cunningham technique), Max Luna (Alvin Ailey - Horton technique), Wayne McGregor.


The constant research on the possibilities of movement and expression of the body through dance stimulates the choreographic vein as well, which leads him to the creation of different works for the Dance as for the Opera and Prosa, at European level.

In the last few years after a remarkable experience as a dancer with the choreographer Jacopo Godani (for the Venice Biennale, and the International Festival of Montepulciano), he began to investigate the working method of the Forsythe Company in Frankfurt, where he met William Forsythe. At the Gärtnerplatz Opera House in Munich, directed by Henning Paar, as a solo dancer, Raffaele Irace plays "TRIO" (choreography by W. Forsythe)

In 2008, back in Italy, Raffaele Irace founded his artistic project, the dance company The very secret dance society, which he directed in his hometown of Turin. The company is invited on tour both in Italy and abroad with increasing success (France, Germany, Macedonia, Turkey) in several national and international contemporary dance festivals, for example the Biennial Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean in 2009, the Venice Biennale - Dance in 2012.

As guest artists they are invited in 2013 by the Italian Embassy in Turkey to Ankara for the Celebrations of the Italian Republic abroad, and for the international cross-border cultural exchange Italy - Switzerland InterReg, they are called as the only company representing Italy.

With the choreographic commission "Ancestros", a show with the music of percussionist Bruno Genero, Irace made his debut at the Teatro Regio Opera House in Turin in March 2014. In 2015 his company presented his work in a special participation at the International Dance Gala in Münster, in Germany. The Company The very secret dance society / Raffaele Irace has been a dance company recognized and subsidized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities since 2015 - MIBACT.

From 2015 to 2018 Raffaele Irace is Ballet Master and Assistant to Jacopo Godani, at the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company (formerly The Forsythe Company).

Starting 2019 he is Program Director for Dance and Performance at Gallus Theater in Frankfurt - Germany.

Raffaele Irace is founder and artistic director of:

Solocoreografico Solo Dance Festival ( which takes place in Turin - Italy, Frankfurt - Germany and from Summer 2020 in Oklahoma - U.S.A. as part of the Oklahoma International Dance Festival.

Impro_ring - dance & proxemics (

Teaching credits:

State Ballet of Ankara - Turkey

Introdans, Arnhem - Holland
Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company | Jacopo Godani, Frankfurt - Germany Skånes Dansteater, Malmö - Sweden
Jean M. Wong School of Ballet - Hong Kong
Choreographic Centre Lavanderia a Vapore, Torino - Italy
Stadttheater Münster - Germany
Festival InterMed Lyon - France
Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, Munich - Germany
Staatstheater Braunschweig - Germany
Academy of Dance in Turin - Italy
Festival Intermed - Lyon
Festival Norddeutsches Tanztreffen - Germany
Teatro Nuovo Academy of Dance in Turin - Italy
EKo Dance Project Pompea Santoro, Turin - Italy
Mamadanse, Turin -Italy
Danza e Arte, Turin - Italy
Emozioni in Movimento, Turin - Italy
Centro Danza Venaria - Italy

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