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Rob Fordeyn

“Tragic by accident” estratto

choreography: e danza Rob Fordeyn

music: collage sonoro

composer: AA.VV.

As a dancer, Rob Fordeyn has been navigating between the classical and the contemporary for more than ten years. After his education at the Royal Ballet school of Antwerp he began his career at the Royal Ballet of Flanders. William Forsythe noticed him there and invited him to collaborate in his performance installation Human Writes and in his work Heterotopia. While working with Forsythe, Rob discovered an investigation-directed dance idiom and a new path in connection to the voice. 'Noise' became his new language. In 2008, he returned to ballet for a short time at the Opéra de Lyon, where he met another determined creator, Alain Buffard, with whom he collaborated for Mauvais Genre #10, a piece inspired by movement material from American dance pioneer Anna Halprin. Since 2009 Rob dances as a freelancer in projects created by contemporary choreographers such as Jean-Luc Ducourt, Lisbeth Gruwez, Marc Vanrunxt, Arco Renz and Trajal Harrell with a sidestep in 2012 into the hyper theatratical 'operatic' work of Claudia Castelucci, whose theoretical brain he learned to appreciate. He joined the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company in summer 2015.

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