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SOLOCOREOGRAFICO is the dance festival and award, in its 5. edition this year in Torino, Italy, dedicated to the choreographic composition for solo dancers.

The solo is a particular composition that in addition to improve the technical and interpretive quality of the dancer, challenges the choreographer's creativity on a specific work based on a single performer.

The dancer in his/her solo may embody the human in front of itself, the individual in front of the society, the man who faces his personal challenge, a journey inward and transcendent at the same time.

Solocoreografico presents itself as an opportunity to promote the artistic encounter between choreographers, dancers, dance critics, organizers and public of this particular genre.

The 13. April 2019, ten choreographers, selected from the call for participation and invited through our festival partners, will present their works, many of which created especially for the festival. Our Artistic Committee of highly qualified professionals in the field of dance will award, among them, the best choreography and the best performer / dancer for the 2019 Torino edition. More important awards will be as well assigned by our festival partners, together with an audience award.

During the evening, in addition to the selected works, in collaboration with the companies and partners of the festival, guests choreographers and dancers will be presented.

The 13. and 14. April, SOLOCOREOGRAFICO will organise open dance workshops at the venue Lavanderia a Vapore - Centro Regionale per la Danza in Collegno - Torino.

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